Our Lady of Lourdes
Happy Easter  . . . Jesus is Risen!
  1. Father Karl Celebrating Mass during a Mission.
    Father Karl Celebrating Mass during a Mission.
  2. Sacred Oils
    Sacred Oils
  3. Outdoor Mass
    Outdoor Mass
    Crowning Mary
  4. Deacon Rick
    Deacon Rick
    A fond farewell

Cove Crest Fundraiser

  1. Managing Director
    In the muck
  2. Managing Director
    Learning to overcome
  3. Managing Director
    Lending a hand up.
  4. Managing Director
    While shouting the FIFA World cup theme song
  5. Managing Director
    Beautiful Scenery
  6. Managing Director
    Slip Sliding Away
  7. Managing Director
    Crabby Games
    Trying to work under slippery conditions.
  8. Managing Director
    Fearless Leader
    The mud did not smell good.
Please help send us back

This is a youth lead initiative to create more memories like the ones above.  Read below for one of the Seniors story:

Hello, my name is Devin Allen and I have been put in charge of fundraising for the Our Lady of Lourdes Youth Group in an attempt to go to the Lifeteen retreat, Covecrest. This week long retreat in Tiger, Georgia is an opportunity to delve into our spirituality and make a personal connection with God. It is also a chance to meet new friends and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Many members of the Youth Group are graduating seniors and for some, could be the final time we see each other before going off to college. What is a better way to say goodbye than creating memories with each other while growing in our faith? My first experience at Covecrest changed my life and being able to experience it one last time would be a perfect way to end a rocky school year. 

A little background information on myself. I started at Our Lady of Lourdes in Pre-K and will be graduating from Melbourne Central Catholic this May. My 7th-grade year, I chose to be Baptized, Confirmed, and receive Holy Communion, but later lost my faith in high school. After my junior year, and at an all time spiritual low, my best friends convinced me to go to Covecrest. I had heard their stories but truly had no clue what a life altering experience it would be, not only changing me positively as a
person, but reopening my heart to the Lord and to my Catholic faith.

For instance, every day at camp when I would attempt to skip Mass, I felt the presence of God urging me back and every day I would heed his call. Another highlight for
was our meetings every night called “Parish Powwows”. This is where we would share our personal stories without judgment. This is also where many of our bonds were formed. Today I am involved with Our Lady of Lourdes’ Middle School Youth Group and have friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for considering helping us with offsetting our expenses. We are taking anywhere from 10-20 teen from OLL on this trip and the cost is $750 per teen.  Any amount can help us on our trip.  If you can not afford to donate, you can still help us by sharing our story with your friends and family. Thank you and God bless!
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