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Let us help you with these sacramental milestones.  
Baptism is the door to life and to the kingdom of God that unites us with Christ and welcomes us into a community of believers.  Baptism is our primary sacrament.  St. Paul describes it as being “clothed” with Christ.  The home is the domestic church where the child’s faith is expressed and nurtured.  The loving example of our parents and Godparents are where we encounter the risen Christ and recognize Him in our daily lives. 
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The Roman Catholic Church believes that marriage is a Sacrament by Jesus Christ.  Our Church believes that a Sacrament may be defined as a sign from Christ by which He comes to us and gives us His life and love.  This sign is clearly expressed in the scriptures and is the result of the Church’s experience and reflection, such as the exchange of vows in matrimony.  We believe that Christ is truly present in the Sacrament.  Therefore, the Sacrament of Marriage must be approached with faith and devotion, since this action can have a deep effect in one’s life.  Thus a period of preparation is required before receiving this Sacrament of Marriage.
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The death and burial of Christians has always had a deeply religious and spiritual meaning.  Inspired by the description of the burial and resurrection of the Lord in the Gospels, the early Church buried it’s dead with proper care, reverence and prayer.  With faith in the Risen Savior, The Christian community honored the body of the dead and took part in the prayers and Mass offered for a deceased member.  The Mass, the memorial of Christ’s death and resurrection, is the principal celebration of the Christian funeral.
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Annointing of the Sick

Please call the office for an appointment 321-723-3636

Anointing of the Sick is a Sacrament of Healing. Anyone who is sick, having surgery, or terminally ill, is welcome to have the Anointing of the Sick.  You may ask the priest after a weekend Mass to be Anointed or call the Parish Office for an appointment. It is important if you wish to be Anointed that it be done well in advance of any surgical procedure. Please note there is not a resident Catholic Priest on staff at Holmes Regional Medical Center. For this reason, a priest may not always be available to come to pre-op for a blessing or anointing.